my brother, the karate kid

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(the sight of that boy wearing headband, hollywood's idea of teenage boy's virility during the 80's, is just precious...)

i was watching tv a few days ago when i chanced upon karate kid, and of course i remembered my brother. because for me karate kid = my brother and my male cousins as teenagers (who were older than me). he's the reason i probably watched almost all the bond , bruce lee and jackie chan movies during that time. (drunken master anyone?) he's also the reason i knew about leprosy before i went to school.(watch ang panday) i also think he and my cousins were the reason i associate porn to a particular type of jazz, but that's another matter. it needs be mentioned that we watched these movies on betamax.

aside from having the same parents, love for movies is the only thing i have in common with my brother, then and now.

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