faustian tragedies

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faust, faustus, this name comes from latin and it means lucky, fortunate. in goethe's faust, he was a dissatisfied intellectual. he made an agreement the with mephistopheles, that mephistopheles would do everything faust wants in exchange for his soul. faust falls in love with gretchen. in the end, she dies. she is condemned of murdering her illegitimate child with faust. in ghost rider, he is johnny blaze who sells his soul for his father's life. who has cancer. who actually died after a few minutes in the movie but not of cancer.

in real life he is john lennon, who sold "his soul to the devil in exchange for worldly musical success with the beatles," whose 20-year pact with the devil came to its tragic conclusion when mark david chapman who was possesed by demons fulfilled the contract by murdering him outside of his apartment in new york.

there will be another big bang tomorrow if anyone who reads this blog will buy a copy of that book. it is part of my contract with the devil in exchange for, what else, worldly blogstardom. i will die in 20 years, some blog fan stalker will shoot me. at this point i invoke the faith that i never had, wag po lord.

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