it's official...

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ennio morricone will write the music for quentin tarantino's inglorious basterds. tarantino has already used half a dozen of morricone's spaghetti western themes for the two kill bill, he however has never hired a composer to write original music for his films before.

this is from kill bill vol 2 and the music is ennio morricone's l'arena.

i am happily awaiting for inglorious basterds in the pirated dvd's of saigon square.

and for the i'm proud to be an azn goddess moment, see facebook badge to the right, to the right, cue demonic laughter maggie cheung will play the part of madame mimeux. and the movie i mentioned in status update in badge, don't. watch. it.

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  1. adarna Says:
    ateh, ze fezbook badge is to the RIGHT, to the RIGHT. hehe.

    korek, can't wait din for this latest from quentin..
  2. amadbrownwoman Says:

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