match maker, match maker, match maker, match!

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find me a find, catch me a catch!

Mr Mark Lin of Vietnam Brides International Matchmaker took out advertisements in the Chinese newspapers on Wednesday, offering the discount on the grounds that his business has been hit by the global financial crisis. Three Vietnamese women have been at his Orchard Plaza office in the last two months, waiting for prospective husbands.

Mr Lin is charging $4,000 as his matchmaking fee for each - half the fee he usually charges for flying them in and feeding and housing them. Over 20 men have inquired about the women this month, but he has yet to make a match.

(and some women, sitting in the high throne of stiff-necked priviledge often not only in class but also in race would again start the discourse of viet women oh wait, asian women are like prostitutes. oh yes, i've heard some white women in vietnam saying this....)

before yous start thinking of another slut-shaming vietnamese women are like these and that, tadadadadatado, oh so old arguments while sitting in a comfortable seat in a cafe where there are no locals around except for that cashier and the waiter who served the just divine coffee, ahhhh, you're sipping right now, stop your comments: we do not live outside of socialization, we are the product of it.

let's focus on the men: if you were a man who can easily afford it, would you? and if you were a woman, what do you think of men who would?

here is the whole story from the straits times: vietnam bride agencies cut fees

and here is the response of vietnam in thanh nhien news: story on vietnamese bride service draw cricticism. what killed me while reading this article is how desensitized the gov't official who was interviewed in this article was. "she was stunned to see such a respected newspaper running a very insensitive story on a very sensitive topic." she was concerned about the unblurred faces. she didn't exactly center on the practice of marriage brokerage in vietnam but how the straits times treated the issue. alas.

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