a novel written by nguyen dinh tu...

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...titled nhap (draft) which is about sexual obsession is causing a stir in the local literary scene.

A new novel released earlier this year by Nguyen Dinh Tu titled Nhap (Draft), tells of young disillusioned intellectuals who suffer inferiority complexes, seek redemption in sex, and ultimately fail to make peace with their problems.

“In Nhap, Tu doesn’t shy away from sex, which has long been considered a discomfiting issue in local literature but deals with it in quite a detailed way. His outspoken approach to sex, even when he describes homosexual sex, however, doesn’t arouse abhorrence among readers,” said distinguished author Chu Lai about Tu’s work.

“His sexual writing points to the fact that there are many people in society who suffer from obsessive inferiority complexes and don’t dare to live true to themselves,” Lai added.

“Like characters in other books who are obsessed with hunger and poverty, my characters are preoccupied with their sexuality,” Tu said, adding such obsessions are all equal in a writer’s eyes.

if only my tieng viet is not limited to hbo subtitles.

transcending taboos

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