a woman "disillusioned by democratic love affairs"*

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my bestfriend whose life has the makings of antonia's line. by that i mean she lives in ahouse with two other women, one is her mother and the other is her daughter. her mom is now asking her when she's having another child. if interested, by that i mean if you dare, read poem written by she who IS bitterness below, we need more baby daddys. please list qualifications in comments. for references, musical talents are preferred but reading foucault and baudrillard as you UNWIND is a plus.

1. A stain in the mind

You shit. You crowd out my own thoughts. Memories, sticky little suckers. Tell me, can I wash out the dirt in my mind? can I wring out my brain and hang it up to dry? No. It’s never gonna be like new. I’ve got a stain in my mind. Fuck you

2. Deliverance

Nothing but a myth. Sorry

3. Synchronicity

Who lost. Who won. No such synchronicity here. Get past your modernist delusions, there;re no more simple binary oppositions. In the continuum of space and time. Two, mayhaps even three or more, can meet and flirt and fuck and share a smoke. No need to judge. For god’s sake don’t meta analyze! There are no losers, only players in a game with no stakes

literary exercise, che!

*her words

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